Bigg Boss 12 Day 66 21st November 2018 Written Episode 67 LIVE Updates

Bigg Boss 12 Day 66 21st November 2018 Written Episode 67 LIVE Updates: Luxury budget task saw Rohit Suchanti go on Blue Team. It is surprise for wolf group in Bigg Boss 12. Where this episode all efforts with diligence to make the Red team wins. From the first day of Snake task Jasleen Matharu, Rohit and Megha Dhade from the Blue Team where Deepak is the main team member of Red teams. Then on the second round today both the team on hold then the captain decided who is going inside stomach to the snake. Sree Santh karenge Rohit par vaar.

Deepak and Rohit goes to enter inside the Belly Snake and Megha and Jasleen. Other housemates ignores the decisions of the Srishty Rode as a captaincy on task. Sreesanth has to damage the lever and he is going next on Snake stomach. In some cases Sree Santh is not able to do more in a task then Blue Team is uncomfortable with his behaves. Rohit Suchanti will make new kind of drama in the house for captaincy task.

Live updates of day 66 Episode 67 Bigg Boss 12 21st November, 2018:
‘Srishty’ Rode is not taks a good decisions as Sanchalak (Captain) of the house. How Rohit try to make a win to Read team of Snake task for Captaincy. He also make fool to a name of ‘Sreesanth’ that he’s said. Then how he will save to himself from the Sreesanth’s comments. Where Dipika and Sreesanth have a good bonding like a brother and sister. Lot’s of emotional and lot’s of happy drama is comes in front of this Bigg Boss 12 Episode 67 21st November.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 66 21st November 2018 Written Episode 67 LIVE Updates

Somi Khan and Romil Choudharys friendship also in danger where they comments to each other. Where Dipika beleivers that Somi Khan is the strong contestant in BB12. Housemates are ready to cross any boundaries to win this Captaincy task’s daavedaari. It will create chaos in the Bigg Boss 12 house. Saanp task on going sneak peaks, two divided teams are goingn on with their game plans. Belly are Megha and Jasleen from Red Team.

In the luxury budget task saw Rohit Suchanti catching his Team Blue.

Show: Bigg Boss 12
Day: 66
Date: 21st November 2018
Episode: 67
Timing: 9:00 PM
Watch Online: Voot
Written LIVE Updates: Juna Book

Most of the peoples like to Romil Chaudhary more then 61% gives their votes to him. At leas votes are goest to Dipika only 6%. What happen next in this ‘Saanp’ task Bigg Boss 21st November 2018 sneak peaks. Somi Khan also breaks down in the BB12 house Dipika is trying to console to her. Last night episode Bigg Boss 12 is also continues with this new night drama. If you want’s to watch online Bigg Boss 12 Day 66 on Voot. Read the written regular updates with Juna Book. Let’s see the Rohit’s action he crosses all limites try to win this task.

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