Bigg Boss 12 Day 67 Episode 68 22nd November 2018, Written LIVE UPDATES: Surbhi Rana Never Speak To Romil Chaudhary

Bigg Boss 12 Day 67 Episode 68 22nd November 2018, Written LIVE UPDATES: Surbhi Rana Never Speak To Romil Chaudhary: Bigg Boss 12 Episode 68 22nd November at (Day 67) LIVE Updates, where Deepak Thakur and Surbhi Rana become reporter. After the luxury budget taks in Bigg Boss 12 house Rohit Suchanti go on Red Team. This week for captaincy is going to more trouble for contenders Surbhi Rana and Deepak Thakur. First luxury budget round to an end where Jasleen-Megha and Deepak-Rohit fight again in the house. In the Red Team housemates Romil, Surbhi, Somi and Karanvir they enjoy the moment outside the Snake stomach. Breaking news comes on Bigg Boss 12 Episode 68 with Shweta Singh. About to make big disclosures is that Surbhi is seen talking to all housemates to break the Happy Club.

The second round start then Red and blue teams took to the lever of a machine. They tried many tactics to win any situation this captaincy task. Deepak and Rohit’s together team work make a high strength but some shampoo on lever is not good for Rohit. Somi Khan has to throw the mud to Jasleen Matharu in the BB12. Surbhi Rana become a report in this Bigg Boss 12 22nd November episode.

Bigg Boss 12 Day 67 Episode 68 22nd November 2018, Written LIVE UPDATES: Surbhi Rana Never Speak To Romil Chaudhary

Report talks to the Bigg Boss 12 housemates about Happy Club Friendship’s breakdown. Snake Game turned into a battle field and housemates Srishty is not follow by anybody. Where relationship is made everyday in the house Bigg Boss becoming deteriorating. People of the Happy Club in the house is being praised on every side but some crack in the friendship’s. Sweta Singh is about to drop some breaking content regarding the BB12 housemates.

Rohit and Deepak win the round of snake then Sreesanth is coming to play this task. Rohit also said to Sreesanth is flip saanth then he aggressive on Rohit. Therefore Sreesant is all set to reveal some inside secrets about his cricket life on Bigg Boss 12. Where Surbhi Rana as a reporter all the intriguing revelations to listen his witness. Megha Tells to Somi that Rohit threw a shoe an her. After that bigg boss said to Sreesanth to talk with Rohit because his father’s name is added with this name in the South places.

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Bigg Boss 12 Day 67 Episode 68 22nd November 2018

Sresanth going to Rohit and said south peoples also said him to added his father’s name with his name. After the Snake task BB12 asks to the Red Team housemates stand acceding orderly who played worst in the game. Bigg Boss Season 12 22nd November 2018 Episode Start With Reporting live by Sweta Singh. Surbhi is crying in front of the KV Bora she believes that peoples feels bad about on her. Also, Rohit, Srishty and Karanvir Bora to get’s the advantage from Surbhi’s conditions.

Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 VOOT Full Episode 22-11-2018 22.11.18

What bad happening in episode 68 – Bigg Boss 12 Episode 66 November 22 2018, LIVE UPDATES

Bigg Boss 12 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update

Show: Bigg Boss 12
Channel: Colors TV
Day: 67
Episode: 68
Date: 22nd November 2018
Watch Online: Voot
Written LIVE UPDATES: Juna Book
Timing: 9:00PM
Sneak Peak : Snake Task for Captaincy

Sweta Singh also judged to the house with her reporting capabilities. Two housemates also allowed to discuss the task among their teams. Where Sweta judge to the right news of the BB12 housemate contestant which is more interesting. Surbhi’s news is bad for the Happy Club and it’s members. After the declarations off Deepak’s news Megha direct argue to them then Bigg Boss house is looking haunted. Stay Tune with us for regular live written updpates. All the housemates kick to storm in the race of captaincy.

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