Honor 8X Yeh Diwali Honor Wali Tv Ad Song Ringtone

Honor 8X Yeh Diwali Honor Wali Tv Ad Song Ringtone : Yeh Diwali Honor Wali Honor 8X Tv Ad Song Download . Diwali ki roshni mein, Dil jagmagayenge, laadiyon Ki tarah sulha kar to dekho, purane rishten, Naayen ho jayenge . Honor 8X TVC Ad song 2018 free download and watch the brand promotional video .

Honor 8X Ad full tag lyrics: Diwali, the festival of ligts is best celebrated at home . There are some responsibilities i need to fulfill . Like these Diwali ligths… I need to put them up . Before that i need to ‘untangle’ them, I also need to solve my father’s age old dilemma.. In which he is a little caught up nowadays, Whether he should treat me as his son or friend? . This time i went ahead and asked as a friend .

Son : What’s up Papa? How’s life?
Son: Sorry…
Dad : Life is cool bro, you tell, what’s up with you?
Son: Cool! Bro!
Son: I asked and little by little everything got sorted
Son: All of a sudden my ‘formal’ father.. Starged Opening up like my friend!
Son: If any one of these bulbs fuses, then these Diwali lights won’t light up.
Dad: But you said you have checked everything?
Son: If I had checked, Then how would i have solved your dilemma Papa?

Honor 8X Yeh Diwali Honor Wali Tv Ad Song Ringtone

The Festival of lights not only brightened up our home. Untangling the lights not only solved the dilemma . I also gained a new friend . Coming back home brings happiness and its share of sweet joys . Open your heart and share your happiness . this happiness is ours, and ours alone! . Yeh Diwali Honor Wali  Ad Mp3 Songs .

Brand : Honor 8X
Tagline : Yeh Diwali Honor Wali
Channel : All
Launch : October 2018
Music : Diwali Ki Roshni Mein Yeh Diwali Honor Wali
Country : India

Yeh Diwali Honor Wali – Honor 8X Ad 2018 is viral on internet . Users are excited to watch this full video song ad . Stay connected with us junabook.com for more latest updates . Don’t forget to share with your friends and family . It has Yeh Diwali Fest Honor Wali Honor8X ad 846,829 views on YouTube .

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