Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6th January 2019: Episode 6 Jan 2019 Neha Kakkar

Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6th January 2019: Episode 6 Jan 2019 Neha Kakkar: Sunil Grover comedian has raised the bar of comedy with his show StarPlus Kanpur Waale Khuranas. Singing sensation Neha Kakkar seen in Star Plus’ comedy show Kanpur Wale Khuranas. Singing beauty Neha Kakkar comes on the comedy set’s of Sunil Grover this weekend Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6 January 2019 Episode. Neha Kakkar comes as guest first time on the TV show comedy show. Sunil Grover most welcome to this popular singing star. Farah Khan, Aparshakti Khurana also welcome to this great Indian Hindi singer from Bollywood. Neha Kakkar And Jassi Gill Groove On Kanpur Waale Khuranas. Gorgeou Neha and Jassi Gill together on the same set’s of laughing Star Plus show. Neha Kakkar and Jassi Gill also performed their popular music, they also their funny moments.

Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6th January 2019

Neha Kakkar’s brother Tony Kakkar and sister Sonu Kakkar gives their comedy come singing performance on their popular songs. The kakkar family also talk about their singing journey story touched the audience and they all got up to give them a standing ovation. Because, Neha and Jassi sang their favorite Punjabi song on the stage of Kanpur Waale Khuranas. Sunil Grover and Aparshakti Khurana make the more laughing moment with other team members of the show. Watch to these popular musicians having a gal time on Star Plus’s Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6 Jan 2019 at 9:30 PM on Star Plus.

Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6th January 2019: Episode 6 Jan 2019 Neha Kakkar

Truly speaking about the another comedy show of Kapil Sharma’s is far better then Kanpur Waale Khurans. But, the if you are the comedy and laughing lover. Watch Kanpur Waale Khurans Sunday Guest Neha Kakkar episode. The to 20 again Sab janta ka kkamaal hai BARC India Ratings to this week 52. Therefore Khuranas have found their “Pyaar Ka Saathi” sunil act like a romantic boy to love her friend with ‘Neha Kakar’. Kanpur Waale Khuranas 6 Jan episode Match Making we love to the Sunil’s comedy and their different funny characters.

Show: Kanpur Waale Khuranas
Episode: 6th January 2019:
Timing: 9:30 PM
Watch Online: Episode 6 Jan 2019 Neha Kakkar
Written Updates: Juna Book
Channel: Star Plus

Neha sang heart touching her songs and Sunil act like he romance to her!. Kanpur Waale Khuranas Episode 6th January, 2019 on Star Plus and Hot-star. Also, Farah Khan laughing to see this, there is no comedy in this show only clumsy and awkward actions. We surprise farah tolerating this show. Hence the show is produced by Preeti and Neeti Simoes with the main performers Sunil, Aparshakti, Ali Asgar and Adaa Khan. Stay Tune with us for more latest Kanpur Waale Khuranas episode updates Neha Kakkar.

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