Super Dancer Chapter 3 6th January 2019: Super Dancer 3 6 Jan 2019 Full Episode 3

Super Dancer Chapter 3 6th January 2019: Super Dancer 3 6 Jan 2019 Full Episode 3: Shilpa Shetty, Geeta Kapur and Anurag Basu Super Dancer Dhapter 3 6 January 2019. These adorable little dancers are ready to set the stage on fire and steal your heart on the dance floor. This weekend on the third episode of ‘Super Dancer 3’ is going to leave you in awe with the talent of all little dancers. This time for the kids a glimpse show is bringing for the viewers. In the tough competition these dancers to blow your mind and steal your heart with their special moves. Shilpa Shetty and Geeta Kapur like a mother of these children’s they teach the super dances to these little dancers.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 6th January 2019

Tonight Super Dancer Chapter 3 started Season 3 episode third air on Sony TV. It will be end in march at that time who is the winner of Super Dancer Chapter 3 winner name will be announced soon. Most amazing performances like these from our little super dancers that will definitely get you grooving. Audiences can see the more entertaining factor while these dancers under competition. Top contestants stand in front of the judges who receive lot’s of votes from the people. We will see the more dancing styles with new kids talent and much more appreciable in a single or group performances.

Super Dancer Chapter 3 6th January 2019: Super Dancer 3 6 Jan 2019 Full Episode 3

Aisa Dance maine apni life mein kabhi nahi dekha Geeta Maa said to theis little dancer. She show’s her awesome dancing special learned moves to the viewers. Where she definitely to in top levels after beating to other contestants. Also’ sneak peek of the little ones that are set to win your heart Super Dancer Chapter 3 6th January 2019 has a lot in store for you this weekend too. Fan’s are crazy to see the amazing this year great performers their speed, their moves, their style & uniqueness all things make great to this show.

Show: Super Dancer Chapter 3
Date: 6th January 2019
Episode: 3
Timing: 8:00 PM
Day: Sunday
Watch Online: Super Dancer 3 6 Jan 2019
Written Updates: Juna Book
Channel: Sony TV

Some beautiful funny moments also comes on Super Dancer 3 3rd Episode January 6, at 8PM. The pure perfection and mind blowing performances seen this night dancing reality show. Shilpa Shetty, Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur judge to these contestants after they announced the results. Who is going to further next levels and who is going to their home. Lot’s of chances to stand on top levels on the basis of votes by the audiences. If you will see your favorite little dancer to save then vote your dancer. Stay Tune with us for more latest updates Super Dancer Chapter 3 6 Jan 2019 episode 3rd with Shilpa.

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