The Kapil Sharma Show 6th January 2019 Episode TKSS 6 Jan 2019 Salman Khan Eat Lollipop

The Kapil Sharma Show 6th January 2019 Episode TKSS 6 Jan 2019 Salman Khan Eat Lollipop: Kapil Sharma is Now trending Here is King of Comedy The Kapil Sharma with another new episode. Salman Khan’s marriage asks questions by Kapil on the show set’s. Salman Khan eat lollipop after long time like small cute’ baby. Got money from Sunil n team to spread the rumors vity on Kapil. Don’t u have any work in life apart from defaming Kapil. Sony TV Anupam Kher will be coming on the next episode of The Kapil Sharma Show to promote their film. Salman Khan doing some funny things on the set’s of TKSS 6 Jan 2019.

Salman KKhan ne lollipop kyun khaya? audiences see that.
a) Kyun ki unko bhuk lagi thi
b) Kunki unko lollipop pasand hai
c) Kyun ki yeh Kapil ki taraf se unka new year ka gift hai.

Most important question How Salman Khan on the kapil’s show eat lollipops. Kapil Sharma Show with loved ones having laughter joy fun unlimited so excited for today’s episode. After long time Kapil is come to make the families laughter and more entertainment from the previous seasons. The show superb because you have Naviot Singh Sidhu in your show. In the next episode we will see Shatrughan Sinha and his wife Poonam Sinha on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.

The Kapil Sharma Show 6th January 2019 Episode TKSS 6 Jan 2019 Salman Khan Eat Lollipop

The show is going to reach it’s 4th episode of The Kapil Sharama Show 6 January 2019 on Sony TV at 9:30 PM. When “Kapil Sharma” was going through depression everyone wrote him off. No one was ready to support him. It was the Salman Khan who decided to bring him back on television by producing his show. The fans are loved ones having laughter joy, fun unlimited to excited for today’s episode. We will see this Sunday Navjot Singh Sidhu, Shatrughan Sinha, Poonam Sinha and another one i don’t know.

Show: The Kapil Sharma Show
Date: 6th January 2019
Episode: 4
Timing: 9:30 PM
Watch Online: TKSS 6 Jan 2019 Salman Khan Eat Lollipop
Written Updates: Juna Book
Channel: Sony TV

In the absence of Kapil Sharma many comedy shows came went away. Doese shows were close to this show. Such is the charm of Kapil date his presence itself brings smile on faces of India. The audiences gives the positive response after watch Salman Khan & Son’s on the kapil sharma show this week. TRP of The Kapil Sharma Show increases and much more ratings. Stay Tune with us for more latest updates TKSS episode 4 waiting for tonight’s show. Don’t forget to miss the salman eat’s lollipop on the show.

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